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May 2016

The Unplugged Travelers – And Why They Still Use Mobile Apps On Their Journeys

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What is unplugged traveling?
It is said that the unplugged traveler does not use a device while traveling. These tourists are looking for a new, authentic experience. By disconnecting their phones and tablets, they feel more connected to their destination.

But do they really?
On their destination, unplugged travelers use their phones differently. They refrain from using messaging applications like WhatsApp, e-mail, and social media like Facebook and Twitter. But they still use their phones! People use their camera functionality, more than anything else. And what about the music applications and e-reading functionalities? Even more importantly: pretty much all travelers book online and find information on local restaurants and other hotspots. Before they arrive, and while they’re at their destination. It seems that unplugged travelers are not completely unplugged at all!

Why an app?
Unplugged travelers want to feel unplugged: so create an app that gives them that feeling. Make an app that gives users a direct connection to their destination. An app that is not about technology, but about the place the user is in. Content is, once again, key. Make sure travelers can book through your application. Be sure that the app is to be used offline. Let users make an in-app to-do list before they leave, so they can use the app only on the moments they need to. Develop personal tours from inhabitants of the destination for that authentic feeling.

Need help? We know what we’re talking about. Send us an e-mail about reaching unplugged travelers and we’ll get back to you!

International cooperation: RISK CHANGE

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The project focus is twofold: The terrible risks the migrants are taking and the change needed in Europe to receive the migrants in our countries.

During this project, along with 10 international project partners, we will research related subjects concerning migration in Europe, like: multiculturality, migration policies, international cooperation, creating dialogues and solidarity.

As the project continues in the next four years, we will keep you posted on the developments. Expect interesting exhibitions, research papers, symposiums, conferences, all bundled in an innovative digital platform to ensure communication towards the European public.