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November 2016

Xplore Bruges 2.0

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We have optimised the complete backend so the app uses less data and it works a whole lot faster. Next, we created a new user experience. The new UX makes using the app even easier than it was before. At the same time, we’ve updated the visual design.

Next, we added groundbreaking functionalities. With our partner DEVENTit we implemented the touristic data of the city. We’ve created a public map for visitors to be used so they can find the city’s hotspots around them. They can even add them to a personal to-do list, along with the thematic tours they’d like to walk, like a tour around all the sites that made the city a Unesco World Heritage site in its entirety.¬†This enables the visitors of Bruges to explore and plan their visit.

These functionalities aren’t just available on Android devices, we’ve build an entire new responsive web application too! It contains the the same functionalities as the Android app. And when users decide to create an account and login on Android or web, they’ll be able to see their to do list on the other device once they login there. So no matter what device is used, everyone will be able to enjoy Bruges in the most convenient way imaginable.

Interested to see more? Check out the web application yourself or download the Xplore Bruges Android app.