Destination Marketing By Bloggers

By September 20, 2016Uncategorized

Many companies let bloggers review their products by giving them free products. So as a destination marketeer, it would be pretty easy to invite a blogger for a free weekend in exchange for an article on their blog, a Facebook post, a Snapchat video and a pic on Instagram. But why not do more?

Imagine a platform where bloggers can share their favorite places on the city on an interactive map. Where their followers can walk a tour, visiting those places their favorite blogger liked most. Where vloggers share video’s on places showing exactly what they did there.

Not only is this a very new way of doing content marketing – it can be an amazing way to attract very specific target audiences too. Young girls that love to shop? People who are into sustainable traveling and shopping? And what about foodies?

Interested in a platform like that? Get in touch.