Launch ‘100 Jaar Groote Oorlog’ App

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What did the Scheldeland look like during the First World War? Few people understand the role this region to the south of the Scheldt played in this war. Battles were fought, and then a siege followed that lasted for years. Little remains from that time; what was destroyed was carefully rebuilt. Naturally, there are visible traces, like the forts around Antwerp. But less visible are the tales of burning cities, of spies and soldiers, of burned bridges..

This app lets you discover the Great War in the Scheldeland. You will find cycling and walking routes through the loveliest places of this water-rich region. And in the meantime, you can travel back through time. Thanks to 3D-audio and photographs, you can see what happened here a century ago. You can listen to personal stories from the residents of yesteryear at the places where they experienced them.

Be your own navigator on the regional map. Discover hotels, little restaurants, cafés, shops, museums and more. Enjoy the Scheldeland – and learn about the past!

Check it out on: iPhone, Android or Web!



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