Overview 2015

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Update Platform

2015 was an important year for 7scenes. We started on a huge update of our platform – but more about that soon. A lot more visible, was the launch of no less than five brand new applications. Let’s see what we did in 2015!

Xplore Bruges

Bruges may not be Belgium’s biggest city, but it certainly is a beautiful one, visibly full of history and heritage. The city picked 7scenes to create their heritage platform Xplore Bruges, which shows visitors the way around the city to touristic landmarks and heritage objects. We started out with a mobile app in 2015, but much more will follow early in 2016.

Visit Me!

Flemish city Mechelen contains no less than five UNESCO heritage sites and over 300 listed buildings. Even the experienced tourists may get lost in all the city has to offer. Working with Mechelen Tourism, we designed a mobile app to guide tourists through the city. Users can walk interactive tours or discover touristic point of interest on a map.

NTR Routes

7scenes is the platform for mobile storytelling. No wonder that Dutch Broadcasting Cooperation NTR chose us to make their application NTR Routes. A cross media way to experience television shows – on the locations where scenes are shot or where they refer to.

The Great War

In 2018, the First World War will be over for exactly 100 years. Not much of the horrible stories of those days remain visible – especially in the area in Belgium between occupied land and battle lines. 7scenes created cycling and walking tours using 3D audio to show what life was like in 1914-1918.


Dutch landscape is a collective art, telling us stories of survival, domestication and inventiveness. NLroute lets you experience this. NLroute is a bundle of seven routes through the Dutch landscape, showing you the way in the landscape and its relation to the basic DNA of Holland.