Timetravelling Drenthe

AnnoDrentheNu is a location-based cultural heritage platform and mobile app we’ve developd for the Archive of the Dutch province of Drenthe (‘Drents Archief’). AnnoDrentheNu allows you to experience Drenthe and it’s history in a totally new way. The project consists of a website and a mobile app with which users can timetravel through Drenthe. This custom made platform is part of a larger scheme of activities that aims to position ‘Drents Archief’ as one of the leaders in the heritage sector. Annodrenthe.nu was awarded the prestigious ‘Geschiedenis Online Prijs’ (History Online Award) for the best history website of 2012.

The history of Drenthe in your pocket

Using their smartphones, users will stumble upon old pictures and videos that were linked to certain locations. Some innovative features are implemented to enhance the storytelling. We’ve made it possible to navigate on three different historic maps, for instance. Walking around Drenthe can thus be done by using a contemporary map or one from the year 1640 (to name just one possibility). Besides tours for walkers, some routes have been developed to experience while biking, driving a car or riding a motorbike. AnnoDrenthe can also be accessed from home via the website. In march 2012 the first 6 routes were launched. Each route tells a different story about the history of Drenthe. The route in Assen for example will take people ‘Back to the Sixties’ but there’s also one that makes you follow the route the postal carriage used to make in the 1850s. More routes are published every month.

Do it yourself

Everyone can place their history on the maps of Anno Drenthe to create their own routes. The platform is meant to be used by the entire province of Drenthe. Other organisations, like museums in Drenthe or the province itself, will also contribute by creating and distributing their own routes. This way, finding a story in Drenthe will never be difficult when using the app. The project was developed in cooperation with ACT2 Storytelling and Imagination, the province of Drenthe, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Coalition ‘Noord Nederland’. For more information and presscoverage, check out the links in the menu on the right.

Campaign of the AnnoDrentheNu platform

As a way to promote the tours, two shepherds have been using the platform and app while guiding their flock of sheep over the ‘Hondsrug’ (an area in Drenthe). RTV Drenthe (the local television station) broadcasted a daily item about this walk. Check out the route they’ve walked here or take a look at this video, where managing director Douwe Huizing of the Drents Archief talks about the platform

Timetravel now!

Check out the routes here and start walking! You can download the iPhone app here or get the Android app in the Google Play Store.