The world is your classroom

The Mobile Learning Academy was set up to support new forms of learning for the 21st century. As students can now learn anywhere, at anytime using their smart phones, new educational methods are needed to facilitate such learning. “We believe the real world is the most relevant context to learn in. So you should be able to use it as your classroom! That’s why we give you the guidelines to design mobile games, the tools to create them, the apps for students to play them and methods to implement them in your programs,” says Ronald Lenz, Founder and CEO of 7scenes.

Do it yourself

The Mobile Learning Academy is one of the first to make the creation of mobile games available to educators themselves. Using the GameMaker they can simply drag and drop places on a digital map and link media like video, audio, photos, text, challenges, rewards or opinion polls to them. Using the apps, students can become historical experts, neighborhood journalists, environmental scientists or urban planners. They navigate to places, answer challenges and upload media. But students do not only play, they can also learn by designing the games themselves!

Join the academy

Universities, colleges and schools from around the world have already signed up to use the tool, such as the University of Utrecht, Webster University, Parsons The New School for Design (New York), the Hong Kong Design Institute and the Polytecnico in Milan. Join too! For more information, check the website and download the app for iPhone or Android.