Authentic acquired 7Scenes in 2017. We have migrated the majority of the 7Scenes clients to our My Tours platform and are now ready to tell your stories.

Authentic creates stunning mobile applications for culture, heritage and tourism organisations, who want to find new ways to engage their audience in their stories. Unlike many other software providers, Authentic keeps the customer top of mind –  so the focus is on an easy to use and beautiful interface at affordable prices.

Create Tours

With the easy to use User Interface (UI) you create location-based tours in 5 simple steps. No installs needed. No programming required.

Copy text, photos, audio and video files video onto stops on your tours.

Configure tour facts such as type, length, distance and more.

Outdoor navigation: place stop markers on Google Worldmap and use the GPS function to be taken the tour.

Custom maps: navigate on any – self-designed – map you want.

MobileWeb: format to play exclusively on the web. No phones needed.

Your own branded app

All tours that are published with the UI are available on your own branded app.

Download them for free. For iPhone and Android.

Test your own tours with your personal account before final publishing.

Navigate on a map and activate places when you’re close-by.

Experience the story, watch a video, answer a question.

Share Scenes, Places, user-generated photos & notes on Facebook and Twitter.