City tours in Belgium

The Tourism Board of the Province Flemish Ardennes is the first company in Belgium to have a complete location-based city tour platform, including mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

Besides the technical development of the platform and the apps, we’ve also created several interactive heritage tours for the region to show it’s rich cultural and historic past in interactive ways. When visiting the province, tourists can walk the routes and experience the culture and history via their smartphones.

About MyTours

The Tourism Board has the ambition to attract new visitors to the four small but charming cities Oudenaarde, Ronse, Geraardsbergen en Zottegem. The city tours, called MyTours, will therefore show the unique and historic qualities of these cities and their relation to the landscape.

For each city, we’ve created three routes: a classical tour about the monuments in the town, a ‘now and then’ tour and a unique themed tour, depending on the attractions of the specific city. Each tour guides visitors around, showing old postcards, pictures, stories and challenges on different locations.